We are part of the chair of Theoretical Computational Linguistics. I am PI, co-PI, or supervisor working with the following people:

Ph.D. Students

  • Jeremy Barnes (with Sabine Schulte im Walde, visiting from Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona)
  • Evgeny Kim (with Sebastian Padó, CRETA Project)
  • Hendrik ter Horst (with Philipp Cimiano, Uni Bielefeld, PSINK Project)


Research assistant

  • Helen Vernon (CRETA)
  • Ekta Sood (CRETA)
  • Mariia Kashpur (CRETA)

Teaching assistant

Master's Students

  • Sina Brandstetter. Predicting the political stream of parliamentary speech under the consideration of emotion. 2018
  • Mariia Kashpur. Is there logic in emotions: Can deep sentence structure features inspired by the OCC model help in detecting emotions in texts? 2017
  • Naveen Kumar. Emotion Recognition in Twitter with Text and Image Information. 2017
  • Roozbeh Bandpey. Emotion Analysis of Tweets With Co-extraction of Holder, Cause and Effect of Emotions. 2017

Bachelor's Students

  • Florian Strohm. The Impact of Intensifiers, Diminishers, and Negations on Emotion Expressions. 2017
  • Shu Xing. 2017


Teaching assistants

  • Elnaz Shafaei Bajestan (2016)

Research assistants

  • Luci Fillinger (2013-2014, Bielefeld University)
  • Frederike Strunz (2013-2014, Bielefeld University)
  • Robin Schiewer (2013-2014, Bielefeld University)
  • Janik Jaskolski (2014, Bielefeld University)
  • Sumit Madan (2011-2012, Fraunhofer SCAI)

Master's thesis

  • Anna Moskvina. Patient Profiling and Health Risc Factor Detection in Social Media. 2017 (with Janik Jaskolski, Semalytix GmbH)
  • Johannes Schäfer.
    Probabilistic Extraction of Do-It-Yourself Activities as n-ary Relations from Domain-specific Texts. Master's Thesis. 2017 (with Uli Heid and Robert Bosch GmbH)
  • Yan Yang.
    Predicting the Complexity of Software Problem Reports. Master's Thesis. 2017 (with Sebastian Padó and IBM)
  • Hanna Kicherer.
    Classification of Recipies. Master's Thesis. 2016 (with Chefkoch GmbH, with Christian Scheible)
  • Iman Zeinali Nia.
    Inducing a Model for Fine-Grained Sentiment Analysis in Farsi by Cross-language Annotation Projection. Master's Thesis. Uni Stuttgart. 2016
  • Arif Ijaz.
    Extracting Drug Adverse Effect Induced Medication from Social Media. Master's Thesis. Uni Stuttgart. 2016
  • Automatische Erkennung und Vergleich des Verlaufs von Emotionen in literarischen Werken. Diplomarbeit. Uni Stuttgart. 2016
  • Kiril Atanassov.
    Aspect-based Opinion Mining for Electronic Games. Master's Thesis. Uni Stuttgart (with Christian Scheible). 2016
  • Nyamsuren Davaasambuu.
    Automatische Gruppierung von Aspektnennungen in Produktbewertungen. Master's Thesis. Uni Stuttgart (with Wiltrud Kessler). 2016
  • Mario Koos.
    Methods for Compound Splitting: A Comparative View in the Area of Text Mining. Master's Thesis. Uni Hohenheim. 2015. (second referee, Stefan Kirn and Martin Riekert)
  • Mario Sänger.
    Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis of Mobile Application Reviews. Master's Thesis. HU Berlin. 2015. (with Ulf Leser and Heiko Ehrig (Neofonie); received the award for the best Master's thesis at the computer science department of HU Berlin in the year 2015))
  • Serbay Ekinoglu.
    Automatic identification, extraction and classification of E-mobility topics in online german fora. Master's Thesis. Universität Stuttgart. 2015. (with Andrea Horch (Fraunhofer) and Sebastian Padó)
  • Hendrik ter Horst.
    Ranked Protein-Disease Relations Using Machine-Learning. Master's Thesis. Bielefeld University. 2015 (with Philipp Cimiano and Matthias Hartung)
  • Tarek Kirchhoffer.
    Spinal Cord Injury Ontology. Medical Doctoral Dissertation (DDS). HHU Düsseldorf. started 2013 (with Nicole Brazda and Hans Werner Müller)
  • Janik Jaskolski. (now CEO at Semalytix)
    A machine learning approach to sentiment analysis for distance education evaluation. Master's Thesis. Bielefeld University. 2014 (with Philipp Cimiano)
  • Shweta Bagewadi. (now at Fraunhofer SCAI)
    University of Bonn. 2012 (with Juliane Fluck and Martin Hofmann-Apitius)
  • Tim Rocktäschel. (now at UCL)
    Joint Extraction of Proteins and Bio-Molecular Events using Imperatively Defined Factor Graphs. Diplomarbeit. HU Berlin. 2012 (with Philippe Thomas and Ulf Leser; received the award for the best Master's thesis at the computer science department of HU Berlin in the year 2012)
  • Tamara Bobić. (now at HPI)
    A generic workflow for relation extraction by light supervision in biomedical text. Master's Thesis (and succeeding Ph.D. supervision). University of Bonn. 2012 (with Martin Hofmann-Apitius and Holger Fröhlich)
  • Sumit Madan. (now at Fraunhofer SCAI)
    Stimmungs- und Themenerkennung in politischen Debatten. Master's Thesis. University of Applied Sciences Bonn/Rhein-Sieg. 2012 (with Ralf Thiele)
  • Robert Pesch. (now at LMU München)
    Logische Strukturerkennung in biomedizinischen Volltext-Publikationen. Master's Thesis. University of Applied Sciences Bonn/Rhein-Sieg. 2010 (together with Ralf Thiele)
  • Aravind Tallam. (now at Twincore)
    Extraction of Numerical Measures, Statistical Evidences and Units. Master's Thesis. University of Bonn. 2009. (together with Christoph M. Friedrich and Martin Hofmann-Apitius)
  • Verena Meyer. (now at HFT Stuttgart)
    Extraktion, Klassifikation und empirischer Vergleich von Textabschnitten im biomedizinischen Bereich. Magisterarbeit. University of Bonn. 2009. (together with Juliane Fluck)
  • Philippe Thomas. (now at DFKI)
    Automated extraction of variation mentions from literature sources and mapping to a unique database identifier. Master's Thesis. University of Tübingen. 2008. (together with Christoph M. Friedrich, Martin Hofmann-Apitius and Kay Nieselt (Tübingen))

Bachelor's thesis

  • Marietta Hamberger.
    How Psychiatric Medication Influences the Tweets of Consumers. Bachelor's Thesis. 2016
  • Julian Liedtke.
    Concept Drift and Domain Adaptation to Improve Emotion, Sentiment, and Irony Detection on Twitter. Bachelor's Thesis. 2016
  • Alexander Bernhardt.
    Focused Crawling with Active Learning. Bachelor's Thesis. Uni Stuttgart. 2016
  • Constantin Seibold.
    Improving Co-Citation Clustering by Citation Classification. Bachelor's Thesis. Uni Stuttgart. 2016
  • Min Xu.
    Automatische Klassifikation von Twitternachrichten zu Arzneimitteln. Bachelorarbeit. Uni Stuttgart. 2016
  • Omar Abada.
    Identifying Irony in German Tweets. Bachelor's Thesis. Uni Stuttgart. 2016
  • Jan Wessling.
    Development of a System for Quality Estimation of Automatically Generated Texts. Bachelor's Thesis. Uni Stuttgart (with Aexea GmbH). 2016
  • Jenniger Ling.
    Eine korpusbasierte Analyse zur Unterscheidung von Ironie und Sarkasmus (A Corpus-based Analysis to differentiate irony and sarcasm). Bachelor's Thesis. Uni Stuttgart. 2015
  • Surayya Samat Suliya.
    Vergleichende Frequenzanalyse von Emotionsnennungen in Literatur von Franz Kafka. Studienarbeit. Uni Stuttgart. 2015.
  • Christian Witte.
    Auswirkung des aktiven Lernens auf die Merkmalsselektion bei Textklassikation. Bachelor's Thesis. Bielefeld University. 2014 (with Matthias Hartung)
  • Konstantin Buschmeier.
    Entwicklung eines Systems zur Erkennung von Ironie in Text. Bachelor thesis. Bielefeld University. 2013 (with Philipp Cimiano)