Prof. Dr. Roman Klinger
Chair of Fundamentals of Natural Language Processing,
Faculty Information Systems and Applied Computer Science,
University of Bamberg (work) (private)

Research Interests

  • Modelling of psychological concepts in text/language; both for text analysis and text generation.
  • Sentiment and emotion analysis, particularly of implicit expressions and with structured prediction models.
  • Biological and medical text mining, including social media mining and fact checking.
  • Social media mining, computational social sciences and digital humanities
  • Machine learning, deep neural and probabilistic graphical models: Zero-shot learning, performance prediction, explainability
  • Conditioned text generation, including emotionally conditioned text generation and style transfer

How to contact me?

  • I prefer to be contacted via email.
  • Are you interested to work with me? Read this. I am happy to accept bachelor and master’s thesis students from the various programs in Bamberg.


  • [2024-05-26] New blog post! Conference report on the LREC-COLING.
  • [2024-03-14] The job in Bamberg started, and we have a group website there now. Most news and information on our research that goes beyond my personal opinions and contributions will go there from now on.
  • [2023-12-24] We are starting to hire in Bamberg. If you are interested, please see
  • [2023-12-15] The group in Bamberg has a preliminary website. There is not too much information available yet, but at least you can see who will join the group at some point next year. Also, the open positions become more clear, because I added placeholders in the list of people. Calls for applications will come soon.
  • [2023-12-04] I will move from the University of Stuttgart to the University of Bamberg in March 03/2024 (see my posts on Twitter/X) and on LinkedIn. I talk a bit more about that in a recent blog post.