Describe a research narrative

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In my previous post I speculated about good ways to publish papers that do not really contribute an original new insight, but connect the dots – explain how previously published papers belong together.

I posted this as a question what to do on Twitter and Mastodon, which lead to these results:

More interestingly than the recommendation that I could submit to a predatory journal (ok, I suggested such answers) are the recommendations about which I did not know yet:

I did not know about any of these options. I did not make up my mind yet, but I really like that very focused workshop. I might also write an article in one of these journals.

What does that mean for this blog? Well, I think I’ll still plan to write blog posts about my research, but I’ll make them comparably short and high level. I still think that our research should also be accessible without knowing all the details that are often required to understand the papers we write. And as I am not one of these people who are regularly asked my the general media to talk about my work, blog posts still might be a good way to communicate the things that I care about.

Thanks to everybody on twitter and mastodon to provide feedback!