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Roman Klinger

Natural Language Processor and Machine Learner

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Dr. rer. nat.
Roman Klinger

Senior Lecturer (Akademischer Oberrat) at IMS, University of Stuttgart
Coopted by CITEC, Bielefeld University
Co-Founder of Semalytix GmbH, Bielefeld (university contact) (Semalytix contact) (everything else)
+49 711 685-81406 (office in Stuttgart)
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Research Interests

Information Extraction and Retrieval, Sentiment Analysis, Opinion Mining and Emotion Analysis, Biomedical NLP, Bioinformatics, Supervised and semi-supervised machine learning methods, Natural Language Processing, Graphical Models, Data Mining/Text Mining, Evolutionary Computation, Computational Intelligence/Artificial Intelligence, Automatic Composition of Music.

How to contact me?

I prefer to be contacted via email. I typically do not answer calls to my mobile phone. If you call me on my office phone and you transmit your phone number, I will call you back as early as possible.

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