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Roman Klinger

Natural Language Processor and Machine Learner

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Dr. rer. nat.
Roman Klinger

Senior Lecturer (Akademischer Oberrat) at IMS, University of Stuttgart
Coopted by CITEC, Bielefeld University
Co-Founder of Semalytix GmbH, Bielefeld (university contact) (Semalytix contact) (everything else)
+49 711 685-81406 (office in Stuttgart)
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I prefer to be contacted via email. I typically do not answer calls to my mobile phone. If you call me on my office phone and you transmit your phone number, I will call you back as early as possible.

Are you interested in writing your Bachelor's or Master's thesis under my guidance? Please read this. A list of topics currently offered at the Institute for Natural Language Processing, including topics I offer to M.Sc. and B.Sc. students is available here.

Some of my research interests are Information Extraction and Retrieval, Sentiment Analysis, Opinion Mining and Emotion Analysis, Biomedical NLP, Bioinformatics, Supervised and semi-supervised machine learning methods, Natural Language Processing, Graphical Models, Data Mining/Text Mining, Evolutionary Computation, Computational Intelligence/Artificial Intelligence, Automatic Composition of Music.